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Thread: Fuck BET and MtV.

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    Fuck BET and MtV.

    Listen technisians, Have you Ever fuckin watched 106 in park or mtv sucker free.? Some of these new faggots coming out make me sick. for example who the fuck and why the fuck people like Plies I dont know! but hes always on these fuckin count downs and he is gayer than vilnilla ice for real,Then you got Florida ? wtf why people like that fuckin duece bag idk, if he didnt have timbo beats he would be gayer if that is possible.than you got shawty lo , What the fuck is that cat talkin about.hustlin probly but he sounds like shit. soulja boy is a good producer but as I rapper he should kill himself. so What im realy sayin is that i dont want tech to ever be on these shows because it wouldnt even matter .mainstream is so dick suckin gay that fuckem he dont need them.just have tech do the underground indie thing for ever, roll him out on tour like hes the fuckin rolling stones , I would go to a tech concert when hes like 57, and it will still be a better show than fuckin gay plies or souljia gay would ever perform! sick 101 cant wait holla .

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    So, I can't help but like the flo rida song right round. Too damn catchy... haha. Whatever though, it's all good!

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    youre right tech dont need them weak ass niggas ic ud just see the look on they faces over at 106 n park after the premiere of a tech video they would literally be speechless no one could tangle such sophisticated complex rhymes into a flow like him hes like a black einstein rappin.

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    hey right round is a good song to dance to and sing along in ur car w/ the windows up lol.but to each their own.

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    flo rida and plies aren't good rappers, but they make hit records...they get the ladies up and dancing...

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    i would deff rather dance to tech then florida and plies. ew
    Quote Originally Posted by Seanp8806
    flo rida and plies aren't good rappers, but they make hit records...they get the ladies up and dancing...

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