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    dose anyone think tech rapped betta wen he was on ex and everythang else or betta wen hes sober, i like wen he raps wen he on sumthang kuz i can feel exactly wat he sayin, but then again i can feel wat he sayin on sum of his otha stuff 2,

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    i think when he was on shit it was better in some ways cuz he really displayed emotion in his verses i mean you could hear ti in his voice when he was speakin on his personal situations yadadamean.

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    Ya but he needed to stop all that shit. He's smart he knew that. but he should still smoke weed. nuthin wrong with a lil marijuana. Yadadamean!

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    wastin all ur money on it it is lol not to judge or nothing shooooouuu i can understand why ppl smoke it now...4real 4real.

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    just like EMINEM looooooooooool
    Tech is more down the earth now...

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    tech doesnt need to do drugs again, he is still making dope songs on a consistent level

    eminem on the other does need to start doing drugs.....

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    I think that Tech kicking drugs is an awesome accomplishment! He should be shown love and support for doing it. REAL TALK. I don't think that his music has in any way suffered. Tech only gets better. I think that his life change and his music reflect that he's a grown ass man and doesn't need all that bullshit (drugs) to be TECH N9NE. He bettered himself. As you all prob know already form his music, he even questioned wether he could still do the damn thing without drugs, I think EVERREADY, M.L.K, and KILLER are the answers.

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    I think his old shit shit was more ....
    complicated ya kno?
    the way he put together his songs and ryme schem'
    like 'this ring', 'trapped in a psycho's body' 'in my head' or 'money'
    and shit like 'cursed' 'worst enemy' an 'this is me'!
    shit that you can study
    but i don't belive i can relate to him any less now
    if any thing more cuz i'm done or trying to be done
    wit my nnutt howze dayz yadddadddda
    but i'll always feel what ever tech raps about
    thats why i love him an his music
    cuz he is 100 true to him self and us
    and it just feels like when i rap wit em
    i can honestly say that shit and feel it

    as if eminem, yeah he should
    na he needs to be smokin bud
    just take it easy on them pills an cocaine
    but bring back that sick nasty "slim shady" type shit

    Quote Originally Posted by krazee d
    tech doesnt need to do drugs again, he is still making dope songs on a consistent level

    eminem on the other does need to start doing drugs.....

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    i started experimenting with rolls right around the time i started listening to tech. I believe i rolled even harder because i was listening to his music. I thought it was cool that a rapper was talkin about something besides weed,crack or coke.

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    tech is a much more consistent and deep artist now that hes kicked that shitty habit
    im glad he got that out of his system i mean if you compare absolute power to everready ill take the sober tech any day over
    thizz tech dont get me wrong absolute was dope but everready kills that shit and if thats any indication then good lookin out mr steep pockets you out did your self

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