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    Alright every1 ive decided to take it easy on you all 2day.
    This discussion will be lighter that the anti kabosh thread i did.
    I mean I deeply care about all of you and will conduct myself with the utmost disscression on my behalf(sike).Besides we wouldnt want any of you to bust a vein or fall into an uncontrollable mitch fit.So i made it this one easy to bear.So here it goes.
    What is your favorite album that tech has released so far??
    Cant decide??? Well Ill tell you mine and the reasons behind this selection.

    EVEREADY of course!!!!!!For the past month or so I had to put KILLER on ice. Yes its true ppl i finally got the nerve to take it out of my cd player when i work.Since then I slipped into an eveready coma once again.
    (more like an awakening)I cant help it EVEREADY IS A CERTIFIED IC!!!!!Now when coming to decision i had narrowed the list down to ANGHELLIC and EVEREADY to decide between.THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM came in 3rd.Now keep in mind when ANGHELLIC first dropped (before the the updated version the reparation)The only solo albums I had from tech n9ne were T.C.B.T.S and THE WORST so naturally
    i was expecting some raw gangster shit with some quick double time spit .
    But ANGHELLIC was a big surprise when i first listened to it.It was nothing like i had thought it would be but in a good way of course.But i have to admit there were some tracks i had to get used to at first like REAL KILLER
    and CURSED They were just so damn different that any other work i had heard from tech at the time. But after one more listen those turned out to be some of my favorite tracks off the album.Thats the reason why I went with the pick that I did.EVEREADY is so damn fluid from front to back.Now imma bite this from "the source" magazine buts its perfect it does the intro and RIOT MAKER set the tone perfectly for the album.After that its a wrap every song on that album is placed perfectly to make the album what it is.Riot maker comes in perfectly and lets u know your in for one hell of a ride.Tech displays many sides of his verbal acrobatics in this track by changing his tone and delivery while at the same time painting a picture and telling a story(which is almost nonexistent today in hiphop.RIOT MAKER basically describes
    the entire outline of the album.Every song stands out from one another as well as the production.Id go into every track but this shit is long enough
    with that being said.Do any of you agree and if not what's your favorite
    album and why???Please explain and dont just put shit like "cause its the shit" or "cause its my favorite" elaborate

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    Mos DEF Everready

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    I'm going to go with Anghellic. I just like songs like Tormentend, Sinister Tech, Psycho Bitch, It's Alive, Einstein, Who You Came To See, This Ring, Cursed, God Complex, Going Bad too much. But Everready is damn close.

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    Vintage Tech

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    (this is me) has got to be one of my all time favorite tracks that tech has released. The message, lyrical content, word play,and MONSTER production of the song closed out the album perfectly

    Quote Originally Posted by KillaClownVenom0027
    I will agree witchu duke.....I mean EVERREADY literally is the only album I can put into my player, and listen to every fuckin song on that cd. His flow is clean, and I am from WASHINGTON so when he shout's out SPOKANE..DOPE !!!!!!! His passage and thought's that he put's into this album is have song's like BOUT TA BUBBLE......THE BEAST.........THIS IS ME........COME GANGSTA........there all sick.......

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    ABSOLUTE POWER is definately in second place, another one of those albums that u can play front to back.. starting the cd with industry is punks was fucking genius.. that CD (to me) represents Tech not giving a fuck.
    he str8 let his nuts hang

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    i knew Tech with Everready so it has my vote but Killer is my ic too...

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    anghellic by a country mile

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    What about "calm before the storm "if yall true tech fans even heard that one, tech was in his prime back then and qd3 was doing most the production, songs like'' questions, relish , mizzy gets bizzy, cloudy eyed stroll, everready and this one are tied for my fav

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