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Thread: Looking for something...

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    Looking for something...

    Haven't been here in forever and never really posted, so this could be the completely wrong place to be putting something like this... but I'm looking for a specific piece of merch. Unfortunately, it's an item that is (as-of-yet unavailable/not going to be offered on the web store)

    The item in question is the Snake & Bat keychain that was given with the first batch of Hostile Takeover VIP packages. I've been looking for a new keychain, and don't even remotely like the one they have on the web store. I love the look of the Snake & Bat one though, based on the photos that were put up on the blog of it.

    So I'm wondering if there is anyone around here who has a spare, or don't want the one they have and would be interested in getting rid of it for a fair price.


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    You don't want that thing on your keys. Its way too big.

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    hey man hit me up at and ill help ya out. i have it but i have alot of the stuff i just dont need. we can work something out. im in ks so it will get to you quick

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