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    I Dont Know.........

    [s]i just though of that...</</s>i>


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    i just thought of a good one
    not even hard as i could of
    jus sitin' backN ot thinkin an then i was havin' a good one...
    mowuin' down on tha maui wow while i'm poundin' & plowin ta booty out
    she 's a astound.. from the rounds.. now she go'n start over, wit a nude strip.
    gaspin'an then jus.intesipatin'
    patiants waitin' facein displasment from satan
    i mean i got dat itch,
    that trickky trigga finger Reepper leaven breathe'n, hard to belive in
    while ya oxygen is depletin' due to holes that are bleedin...
    ya suffacate and now ya what as a sleep forever to world of dreamin

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