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Thread: Does Tech get play on the radio?

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    Does Tech get play on the radio?

    I never listened to the radio. Even when I lived in the KC, K area. I mean besides the radio is a tool for marketing the most popular music at the time, so the big record companies can make money. I have a feeling unless an artist is going to release his music for free downloading and sharing will be killed and the government is going to crack down on that shit when they can. I'm sorry if my grammer is sytax are not correct I'm really high. My point when tech dropped Everready there was a fucking billboard everywhere. It was great to see. I was intoduced to Tech N9ne when I moved over to the south side of KC and everyone was bumping that shit. Anyway my point in KC I heard people talking about here tech on the radio, i don't know about other areas. I don't even think there is any radiostation that plays good music. But whatever. I'll make one.

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    Yes, and I know tech has FTI, The industry is punks, and mentions like mac dre how hes too hard for the radio.

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    yeah fo sho
    up here in washington
    people love the shit outta tech
    it's his second favorite state
    and i now for sure they play alot of tech krizz and kutt in spokane an yakima
    i remember back in like 2000 they always used ta play "now its' on" and now
    a days there playin almost too much "bunk rock bitch" almost

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