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Thread: War Is My Destiny

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    War Is My Destiny

    Has anyone heard the song War Is My Destiny by ILL Bill and Immortal Technique. I think it is one of the most sickest and dopest songs Ive heard. At least recently. The only way it could be any better is if Tech was on it.

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    dude that shit is hard as fuck i love immortal techniques verse, the song gets you pumped up ready 2 go do sumthang shitz krazy

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    Its from Ill Bill's album The Hour Of Reprisal.
    The whole album is hardcore, I just wish it would of went through Strange so Kutt and Kal would of been on it, (Tech has is on a track on there though)

    Ill Bill has MAD BASS on almost every track and really pumped the crowd up on The Fire And Ice Tour, glad his album dropped.


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