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    What's Up, Everybody?

    I just want to know where the moderators are, the web staff? The forums are cluttered and I keep seeing the same topics started over any over..

    There should not be 18 What Does KOD Stand For topics.. really. Anyhow, I'd like to see a few changes to the forum in order to maintain a discline of content and a more sound strategy on theme. Talking subsections and not free blog as the freeblog buries too quickly and it is difficult to sort from the bullshit fanboy questions such as "Does Tech Have Beef With" through the more serious discussions.

    Now, I'm nearly positive there is an overwhelming force of Technicians here that may oppose the idea of changes and subsections but if you do agree, show some love in the comments.

    Also, it's nice to see all them pretty ladies out there. We had fun in D-town last week, girls--maybe we should do it again,

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    i agree wit u on the three million of the same topics! and that there should be some sort of organization to this shit!
    heres one technician that feelz ya no homo!

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    i agree as well. im tired of seeing the same topics even when worded different.

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    Thanks, fellas. Another thing I wanted to mention to the site crew in regards to the lyrics page. If there was a tagged navigation setup with expandable and collapsable content you can kill load times and increase productivity for the end-users to shuffle through albums/tracks.

    The best part is that only modifications to the submitted article would have to be done, you can leave it how it is and just add the respected source coding adjusting the tags and the open close on each track and album. Then add a quick navigation at the top sorting by album.

    -The Worst
    -Alphabetically arrange all tracks and link to the tags on the page so that the php would expand that particular snippet of content (being lyrics for that song).

    All things said and done the page would completley clean with just the album art visible until you click on the album, then each track for the album expands pushing the other content up or down leaving everything hidden still with the exception of the lyrics to the track from said album visible.

    If your crew can understand the idea then I think it would be great.

    Picture just the album covers in chronological order. Beneath the albums is a button to list all songs alphabetically. You click on the album you want and you are not brought to another page but still on the main lyrics page. Now all the songs from that album are listed. Now you click on the song you want the lyrics to. The page changes only to show you the lyrics while keep all other albums and track lyrics hidden until you have manually selected them yourself. And it's not hard.

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    That idea about the lyrics page is a good one and when I want a certain discussion
    I have to look for it then comment and push that bitch to the front it takes me time
    But oh well it gives me something to do on my phone for break fuck it

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    I've been trying to get this concept across but the sad majority of users on here are kids (or very immature adults) and nobody wants to hear it. JUST the concept of not starting the same menial topics over and over. Good luck and hit me up if you need a name on the proposition or summin.

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    hey twicked i think u just got a new job man!!! sounds like u know alot about that stuff. or got good ideas

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    I just sent your ideas over to the web staff here at strange. I completly feel you on all the repeat topics. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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    lol, thanks for all the comments everybody. I'm not a webdeveloper or anything but I know lots on all technologies. I used to work for Hewlett-Packard, AT&T and Symantec lol. Just hope we can see a more fluid community and network yadamean?

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