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Thread: Best Stage 4 Tech

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    Best Stage 4 Tech

    I've been to two concerts. Both at the Moore Theatre in downtown Seattle. I think it's the best because it reminds me exactly of the theatre they used for the Absolute Power photo shoot.
    I know people who have been there feel me.
    But I wanna hear everyone else's opinions.

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    Oh yeah, I go to the Moore too.
    Love it there.

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    the absolute power photo shoot was shot at the uptown theatre in kansas city and ive seen two shows there and they were both sick

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    yeah dawg
    fo show gotta love that small venue shit
    but seriously im from the middle of the map
    and the one in spokane is hella better, the knitting factory,
    it feels like yur just chillin at the bar wit tech playin on stage behind you
    i payed only like 30 bucks and was so close i touched the stage
    and it was just remolded hella rich, but still underground ya gig ?

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    The Myth in Minnesota

    The Fillmore in Denver

    Red Rocks in Denver

    The Rave in Milluwalkie

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