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Thread: Come gangsta Live?

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    Come gangsta Live?

    I just want to ask since it's one of my top four songs.has anybody seen Tech perform Come Gangsta live?

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    I Have Seen Him Play It Live...Strictly Strange 08...

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    yeah he did it on the strictly strange tour last year.

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    SS 08' Moore Theatre Seattle! It was the shit. One of my top 10 Tech songs. DEEP

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    yeah he did it on the strictly strange tour here in la...
    shit is a bad ass song it was tight

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    oh yeah, I think they sang that song right after they pissed me off...
    Kutt had some radio and kept on changing the song right when it got good.
    Finally it was on Come Gangsta.

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    Strictly Strange Sin Sin @ E, OH

    Starts @ 7:40
    Sounds like shit, looks like shit. He performed this song the 4 times I saw him last year, but this was the only show he sat down during.

    To all these little kids hatin' on me on here, if you don't like it or me, don't fucking watch it.

    Tech N9ne - Crybaby, Come Gangsta and other samples

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