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Thread: has anyone seen this?....

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    has anyone seen this?....

    there's this this commercial for some kind of car and i swear to god they sample twerk in the commercial...just wandering if anyone else has seen it?

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    I know what commercial your talking about it, every time i hear it, I just hear the "Twerk" line, but idk if thats actually from Techs song Twerk or there could be something similar out. The problem is they don't really play more than the twerk line during the commercial so its hard to judge.

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    n e one got the link so my fat ass can hear it lol

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    yeah thats all i hear too....but idk...

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    i noe wat commercial ur talken about nd i think it is cuz every time i see dat commercial i hear da song twerk

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    if u got tha link to it put it on here!

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    Hahaha it's kinda crazy that we all noticed that shit...I thought I was the only one...yellin to my friends and they just look at me like im retarted...haters

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    i wanna see this, post a link

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    it a scion commerical

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    it says twerk but its not from the song,

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