big ecker-marijuana
verse 1

i stared smokin this shit cuz i wunted to get outta life
i'll buy the shit, no matta the price
sellin sum will get me ice
to figure your fate, lets roll the dice crack i never cooked
never smoked never sold
cuz muthafucka im coldi'd rather light up that dro
sometimes i even smoke with the hoes
i got that ol familiar smell on my clothes
change em then rite for the weed
that old chronic suck go to a new street
stupid fucks dont even got money to eatlyin bastards, oh well, back to the basic
lets face it, you smoke one weed
there aint no changin that
just stick to wutchu like
cuz we can come back
yesterday sold a half-pound
but still aint rich
lets ride to my town
and get some tree from that bitch
she aint there
lets steal that shitoh... the she is, layin on her bed bare
a bullet in her chest
and cum on her breast

chorus x2

stoners live and stoners die
but in the end we all get high
and if in life you dont succeed
fuck it all and smoke some weed

verse 2

oh well, letsa go to 5th and main
i got a homegirl, her names rae
she sells 1 pound for $140
only problem is
we pay 50 for one fuck
and thats each
you can guess how much i bought
ride to my place and smoke our pot
we got high
yo homey, my dad's comin
you gotta bounce, we dont say bye
we say peace cuz thats how we fly
livin life as a cracka
cuz nuthin else mattas
trippin with the strangerous is
very very dangerous
beatrices, quit actin so scandalous
sittin back stoned
been 3 hours and we still zoned
pack the weed in the bong and lets get blowed
thats how we roll

chorus x2

verse 3

verse 3 and im still puffin that bomb ass tree
18 i'll be free
then i'll smoke and drink
21, nah fuck that
already told ya im doin that B.A.T.
i love watchin 106 and P
cuz rocsi she so fuckin foxy
this songs got a hot beat dont it?
oh hold up, gotta take another bong hit
sexin my hoe after she gimme that lap dance thong shit
sell her ass for 2 pounds and 1 6th
i dont care, she was just one bitch
now shes talkin smack
gunna hafta blast her ass
and her man cuz he's wack and he thinks he's black
got another homegirl
her names mary jane
she'll blaze for ya
take away all your pain
no point in sellin her
you'll see her again tomorrow
just get me high
thats all im tellin her
i cant fuck her
but i can soke her
undress her and choke her
fuck a rubber, i use my mouth
mary mary mary cant you see?
somehow your haze just mesmerizes me
dont wunt her pussy
i wunt her ass
cuz thats where i (puff puff) pass
damn this night gon be a blast
its way better than the chronic i smoked in the past
so i asked
"where you been all my life?
(MJ) in the backyard waitin for you to cut my roots
(me) sweet! got any sisters?
(MJ) fuck ya, but they got ripped up
so i made a prophecy"

chorus x2


thats a kickass prophecy