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Thread: Dayton Family

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    Dayton Family

    Yo folks, Has anybody heart something about the dayton Family?

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    I check on them almost every week, their website seems dead, never updated.

    They are amazing though, would of been SICK if they we're on MLK or 101

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    Aight. I think they on lock down. but it wit be nice if they drop something with tech.. they are featerd on the death man project...

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    Dayton family is the shit I've been listening to them for years!!

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    Dayton Family is Sick, and underrated. I don't listen to much anymore though.

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    Welcome To Flint, Family Fued, Chevy's, Murder On My Block, What Would You Do, Ass Whoop....just a few of their many tight songs

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    love the Dayton Family... also heard that at least one of them got locked up. I would love to see Tech do something with them they are my two fav. Krizz told me that they where at one of there shows and some guy started some shit and the guys from Dayton got in to the mix and added a few words that pissed the guy off to the point that he went and ripped the Eveready logo of the old van and stole there tags. They got them back and had to get the van fixed. They are some real Gs

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