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Thread: Crooked I ft. Tech N9ne did a song together - When will it come?

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    Crooked I ft. Tech N9ne did a song together - When will it come?

    Anybody knows? i just watched some footage on Joe Buddens youtube channel.

    And Crooked I says "Hey Tech! I owe you one! You.. You just killed me on my own shit! I owe you one nigga! ..Yeah i had to do the 3rd verse on you tho (Laughs) .. that nigga went in tho! he WENT IN!"

    watch crooked say it on the 3:42 mark.

    And yes it is Tech N9ne he's talking about, if you got any doubts.. listen to the start of the interview, where they mention they're going to perform on a show, where Tech is also going to be.

    Sorry if this is posted already.. but does anyone know what the track is going to be called, and when it's going to be out? Thanks.

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    since crooked i said" u just killed me on my own shit" id imagine its a track off of 1 of crooked's projects
    but i have no idea which one

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    it will be on sickology, come on, read the shockhound interview.

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    They've exchanged verses with each other.

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    They'll probably both do tracks for each others projects. I know Crooked I is supposed to be on Sickology, and if he said Tech killed him on his own shit, I could only imagine they'll be appearing on more then one track together. That's bad ass though. Crooked I is pretty sick.

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    they already did a song together before crooked i tech n9ne and snoop dogg its old

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