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Thread: Who else wants to c dis collab?

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    Who else wants to c dis collab?

    I hope I aint thee only person hoping Tech collabs with Chamillionaire?...4 any1 thinkin Im crazy...go listen to a couple of Cham tracks cuz I think those 2 would work magic a track...Any1 else wanna c dis?....shit and If you dont they stop by n tell me y u think it wouldnt work

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    That would be cool. Cham has a different that's all his own, just like Tech. He may be mainstream, but I'd like to see it happen.
    Cham is just about the MOST hip-hop of all the mainstream artists. His albums have feelings and effort put into them. It's not just the blingin' while ridin' in candy painted... blah blah grill.. blah blah. He' USUSALLY sayin' somethin' and makin' a point. He does have those BS songs too, but who doesn't nowadays?

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    Cham definitely has a way with words,
    a collabo between him and the N9ne would be pretty serious

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