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Thread: Sickology 101 Tour???...Where???

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    Sickology 101 Tour???...Where???

    I keep hearin ppl sayin they got Sickology tour tickets and that they say special guest question r u ppl gettin these tour tickets? r they any round Jersey?

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    go to and in the search type in Tech N9ne. And you'll see what everyone's talking about, and yes it is a legit site because i got both the Fire and Ice tour tickets and Strictly Strange Tickets from there.

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    Well i went to my local rockin rudy's and went and got my ticket. But yeah, just go onto ticket master. They will have it on there. But i have no idea if they are going any where around jersey.

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    Does anyone know if hes going to Baltimore, MD or not?? I cant seem to find out if he is or not. Help a Stranger out~! XOXO

    ~Much Strange Luv~

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    they don't have the whole tour up yet I'm guessing, so don't fret.

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    Not all of the dates are set yet. More info will be coming soon. feel free to email me if u have any questions

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    When will Tech be in minnesota next?

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