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Thread: K.O.D???

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    It has been said that after sickology 101 (MLK 2) tech will drop another solo album named K.O.D, however tech is not releasing the exact name. Knowin tech I would assume the K would be in place of a word which normally starts with a c, but at this point Im gonna take a guess and say this it will be something like King of Darkness or Knight of Darkness...........What do you technicians think???

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    yeah i feel ya or killer on deck, it aint finna be kall of duty, or it could be knowledge on demand, king on demand, killing on deman, killer on demand, kiss of death, king of destruction, Kansas on deck, king of diamonds, knowledge of death, King of dawgz, king of dispair, klown of dispair, Kut off Date(mayb hes takin time off for his kidz) Kurse of Death, Knock off deal, kant out do, KRAZY ON DRUGZ, Killer of Dontez, Knowledge of Dontez, king of drill, knowledge of darkness, king of deceit, king of distribution, kabosh on deck, thats wat i been thinkin..... holla back technicians

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    Kalling on Death is my guess

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    -Kidney only donor. haha.
    - KOD-global is a comprehensive collection of linguistic elements for depicting natural languages
    just thought that description of the site was intriguing, cuz tech=lyricist

    this is what the internet has to say, i couldn't get the hyperlink shit to work.

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