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Thread: Tech N9ne with Lil Wayne..

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    Tech N9ne with Lil Wayne..

    Well, this is fucked up
    not sure if its true,
    but I saw the back of Sickology... and it had all the songs with who its gonna be with.

    Also says Kimbo Slice is gonna be on a song?
    And Tupac and Suge

    Not sure if this is reliable or not.

    If it is, atleast I can be glad to see Eminem and Lejo are on there.
    The same guy who had that picture, has this as a cover too

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    Nah somebody is just messin around

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    1)if you found it on the internet it's fake 99% of the time with stuff like this.
    2)trick daddy was confirmed. and he's not on that.

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    to be honest i dont think there will every be a techn9ne ft. lil wayne u should know if you a tech fan..lil wayne thinks techs a bitch and tech thinks lil waynes a bitch (which he is) and i dont ever think tech would do a song with that punk bitch anyways he only spits real shit not fake shit and use other peoples lyrics.

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    that shitz photoshopped dude

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    lol thats my photobucket account, yeah its fake.

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    lol. fake for many reasons not including the shitty artwork all around. The actual cover is what you see at the top of the site now.

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    Completely fake .. started back on the old siccness forum. I almost positive no Pac, Suge or Kimbo. Eminem I would say no but I want to see that collab too bad to accept reality.

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    maybe not on the new album sickology 101 but possibly in the future and i hope it isnt like one verse sent to the other i want to see both wayne and tech in the studio but i bet eminem could be doing somthing with tech since he is coming back with relapse or *TBD* but kabosh on the lil wayne album The Rebirth or *TBD* see one thing that keeps tech one step ahead of the rest is how advanced he is most people are stuck in theyre little clse minded box and tech reinvents himself stayin true to his roots and still keeps coming out of his shell i think of him like pac and all of the legends but hes the ~underground king~ im not dissing bun-b and i think theres a few artist that should tech should collabo wit r 1 lil jon 2 ludacris 3 lil scappy 4 ca$his 5 lloyd bank$ 6 spm 7 guru 8 jadakiss 9 himself like worst enemy pt2 err somthing 10 and most of all Royce Da 5'9

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