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Thread: New Tech N9ne album is called K.O.D.....

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    New Tech N9ne album is called K.O.D.....

    Any good guesses as to what it stands for????...I have no good guess King

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    I posted an interview on here earlier where Tech mentions something about it.
    He said before the cd comes out there'll be a contest to see if anyone can figure it out. Nobody knows yet for sure.

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    Killer Over Dose ? lol

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    haha we already got a post on this... but everyone please share your thoughts!

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    Killaz on Dawgs? lol Randomness came to mind. haha...Kansas [City] Over Dose? Killaz Of Death? lol

    ~Much Strange Luv~

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    hmmm a lot of people have thrown some pretty good replies out there, so I wouldn't be surpised if one of them was right...... maybe "king or death?" "Kansas' owning day"? It's pretty damn impossible to know, especially since it could actually be a c with a k sound, like in MLK.

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    Killer On Demand was what I heard.

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    King of Demons?

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    Killer on the Loose of course

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    K.O.D = Knowledge On Demand

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