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Thread: Imma get shit for this.

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    Imma get shit for this.

    I know there isn't a comparrison between anyone and Tech, or anyone from strange for that matter. But my friend asked me "if you HAD to compare Tech, Kutt and Krizz to any other artist who would it be? Even if it's a mix of different people" it got me thinking, just wondering what ya'll think.
    I'm a Technician before anything, don't get me wrong.

    My Opinion:
    Tech: A mix of Eminem, Yukmouth and maybe E-40(or someone with that hyphy/boss shit)
    Kutt: Tupac and Snoop
    Krizz: LL Cool J and Tech.

    There's just bits and pieces of the other artists in there. but they all have their own s i know.

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    ur joking right? u can't compare the holy trinity to anyone

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    Senior Member J9X's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    i would compare him to 8 pound 6 oz sweet baby jesus. no one else.

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    Senior Member Big Shot's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    shake and bake. I like to picture my jesus as a ninja fightin off evil samuri. lol.

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    Senior Member k-skale's Avatar
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    J9X and BigShot024, you motherfuckers are crazy. LOL!
    I always thought Tech was was a little bit of the darkness, with some Eminem, Pac and Spice 1.
    Kutt, I'll give the guy Pac. He rips it like him alot.
    Big Krizz. Now that's a hard one. As far as I'm concerned, he's got to be the most diverse and talented person out there. He's like a gosphel power-house and Tech mashed together. I hate to say it, but if I wasn't a Tech fan first I might have been a bigger Kaliko fan. Just based on the fact he's got a crazy and that s.o.b. can sing his ass off.
    Don't get me wrong, Tech IS my favorite. But Kali is a beast.

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    no comparrison

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    Junior Member KC_Saint's Avatar
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    Tech: Luda and Twista
    Kutt:Snoop or Tupac (if he was still alive)
    Krizz: T-Pain

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    NO 1 can compare to TECH n my view..but KRIZZ 4 some reason reminds me of kokane or natedogg with his singing ability but of course krizz is still better than both, KUTT no 1, but he reminds me of mack 10 with a different with all that blood music but better and faster on a STRANGE and SICK tip of course. but in noway are these people that i have named better than any1 in the strange music and dont compare im sayin that the remind me on a like manner or the shit they sing about like KUTT and mack10 u know the b-dogg shit, technicians dont bash me b-kuz ive put these people on here. U ALREADY KNOW ITZ TECHN9NE AND STRANGE MUSIC FOR LIFE FAM!!!!!!!! by tha way J9X u crazy homie,LOL!!.

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    No comparison. Seriously. I just can't do it.

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    Senior Member David72's Avatar
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    I think tech is a mix of ludacris and krayzie bone

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