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Thread: Tech and Krizz played on my local rap station

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    Tech and Krizz played on my local rap station

    I was listening 92.3 out of Peoria,IL and they had an underground session where people could request some non mainstream shit. Anyway they played "Like Yeah" and than two songs later they played a song off vitiligo. Thought this was cool because never heard them play tech before, and that station covers a big area.

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    Ay ive only heard tech play on the radio only a few times,"Imma playa", but b-sides that never really heard anything else. but what ur talkin bout is BADAZZ!!! to hear "like yeah" on the radio knowin that hundreds of people are gonna get a taste of tha n9ne is SICK....TECHN999NE!!!

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    good shit man.

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