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Thread: White folks....

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    White folks....

    Alright, I don't really care if anyone has any response to this but...
    Why is it that when it comes to rappers, or just rap music in general, we get looked at like we're fuckin' retarded? I mean, I've been on other sites and forums talkin' up Tech and Strange, and it never fails that race comes into it. "the only people that lilke tech are them white punk rock/ heavy metal junky juggalos". Seriously??? I'm white as hell, I can't stand rock music and RARELY will I listen to ICP or psychopathic in general(no offense juggalos, I just grew out of it). It's like, being white automatically means I know nothing about REAL rap. What kills me is that half the shit that the "streets" are on, IS AWFUL. It has no meaning, no ... ... emotion or feeling. Why is it, because I don't want to hear some dude rhyming just to rhyme, that I have no taste in rap? Because I can't stand mainstream music, and beats really mean nothing to me, my opinion is no longer valid? Rick Ross, Jeezy, Shawty Lo, SOULJA BOY????? ARE YOU SERIOUS???? You can't take my thoughts seriously when that's what you're bumpin'???? As far as I'm concerned, this white boy has a way better taste in music, and a way wider variety to choose from then most of these fools out here. So, to all you racist bitches out there... FUCK YOU! Listen to some shit with some substance.
    Like D-12 said...
    You only listen to the beat with your stupid mcnupid self

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    lol i lisen to they beats that 4sure i wont even lie. another reason why ppl bring in race is cause they know it will cause a reaction out of ppl..its everywhere man not just music..its on news music and porn sites lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Dollaz
    lol i lisen to they beats that 4sure i wont even lie. another reason why ppl bring in race is cause they know it will cause a reaction out of ppl..its everywhere man not just music..its on news music and porn sites lol
    Yeah, but you rap right?? RIGHT! Not everyone does rap, so beats shouldn't mean as much as they do.

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    Dog, i agree with wut ur gettn at and wuld like 2 say that mos people only listen 2 shit that other people listen 2. and bkuz they dont have a mind of thier own, thier jus stuck 2 all the bullshit that goes on in the mainstream world or wut jus has an ok beat. Im native american from OKLAHOMA, and there are more nativez, chicanoz, and white folkz that listen to tech down this way than any1 else like he said n slacker i believe "i got whitez nativez n mexicanz and blackz wit me huh im tryin 2 get up there wit masterp" so on n so4th.... but tha point iz, that if folkz cant handle techn9ne than fuck em kuz theyre, in my opinion not worthy for wut tech iz all about, that sick shit, i truly believe that tech is the KING OF UNDERGROUND. so jus keep bumpn that tech shit n thier face. TECHN999NE!!!!! by tha way i got luv for ALL RACES!!!!

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    Yeah man its all comes down to good ole fashion "ignorance"
    So u don't have much to worry about k skale
    Ppl put on a mask when they get behind a computer and act an ass
    There's no one to see and judge the way they act so they just let it all out
    I mean look how immature it really is when ppl decide to talk greazy onna
    fuckin computer.if I went to the block and told my homies shitl like
    "Yeah this fool was acting up on the net so I had to let him have it"
    My homies would never let me hear the end of it and I don't blame them
    So when a person comes at u like that on the net don't even waste a single thought
    To acknowledge them .to be honest with u I used to be a real bigot twoards white ppl
    But now when I look back at my reasoning behind all that I couldn't feel anymore embarassed
    I grew up with two of the hoodest whiteboys ule ever meet(r.I.p. matty b.) So my old way
    Of Thinking only made me a hypocrite.and that shit was fuckin stupid so don't sweat it homie
    Just sit back and let them play themselves

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    That's what I'm talkin' about. Only part I don't agree with is that I love ICP. I'm a lette till I die. I'm also a technician though. Granted, I found out about Tech thru ICP and Psychopathic, but with no hesitation at all, I have fallen in love with him. He actually thinks about what he's writing. He hasn't been rapping for 24 years for nothing. These mainstream fools get out here and start talking about "la la la la lick it like a lollipop" and shit. It's redonkulous! I used to listen to nothing but mainstream, didn't even KNOW about the UG. But then I met my bf and that all changed. THANK GOD! Now I know what real music is.

    Wanna know something funny? I'm on both sides of the racism factor. I get laughed at and made fun of when I'm at a red light and the car next to me is a few african americans and I'm rapping right along with Tech while he's blaring from the speakers. Fuck yeah I'm blasting Tech! But on the other end of the racism spectrum, my boyfriend is black, my kids are mixed, and I am only into black men. So as a lo, he constantly gets "omg a black juggalo!" And I'm always getting, "I can't believe you're with a black juggalo". lol

    Anyway, I feel ya. Mainstream bitches can go to hell.

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