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Thread: tha unreleased killer song

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    tha unreleased killer song

    Yo not 2 long ago I jus so happened 2 check out this unreleased bombshell if u aint heard d lyrics or d beat on this track itz gon blow d head right of yo shouldaz no lie, why iz this not on any cd dat ive got? and would you not pay 4 dat shit right. fuck downloadin!! u aint helpin ya boy if u downloadin unless you spead d music 4 ya boy!!!

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    got that download when you pre-ordered

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    and if you order anything from the strange music online store

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    its also on the strange noize 08 cd

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    if you like that song you should also check out the other two songs that were left off of killer...

    they are..

    get your attention (also on strange noize 08 cd)
    smoke sumthin (off of strange music sampler i believe)

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