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Thread: NEW: Tech is asked about Watchmen and Unlikely Love Songs

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    NEW: Tech is asked about Watchmen and Unlikely Love Songs

    they are 2 separate articles on the same web site,00.html

    1)Are you particularly excited about the film adaptation of Watchmen? What appeals to you about the film?"

    Oh my God, Watchmen looks fucking dope! It looks like some comic book shit. I'm definitely going to see that one. How it was shot is a little bit like Sin City, but it reminds me of X-Men overall. Those things that glow in the dark in the trailer were crazy. They've got white eyes, and there are three or four of them. I want to see what that's about. That big blue guy sticks out. He looks like something godly. I was like, 'What the Hell is that?' I can't wait to see what they do with it. It looks like some Marvel Comics shit. I had no idea it was rated R either, that means it's going to be even better!"

    2) Best (Unlikely) Love Song?

    Floetry - "Sometimes U Make Me Smile"

    Indie rapper Tech N9ne "loves" a tune from a UK outfit known as Floetry, which, according to Tech, is "like Poetry, but with 'Flo.'"

    He explains, "There's a song on their second album, Flo'Ology called 'Sometimes U Make Me Smile.' It's a weird love song when you think about it, 'Sometimes you make me smile?' You know what I mean? Not all the time, but sometimes! It's a beautiful song. People probably wouldn't think I listen to it. It feels really real. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride. See how beautiful this music is. It has no drums or kicks. I can't even explain it. The feeling of this music is angelic, man. It's beautiful. There's this girl Marsha that sings it, and another young lady named Natalie that does poetry on top of it. It is fucking incredible; just a beautiful love song."

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    the second one reminds me of "I love you but fuck you"

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    Floetry is fantastic..."Getting Late" was a real popular jam when they 1st came out...haven't heard this one...I will in a few minutes...They wrote for Michael Jackson and others. They're voices are really sexy, and they don't have to get vulgar to acheive a nice love song.

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