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Thread: who are your favorite em'cees, dj's, b-boys, or poppers

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    who are your favorite em'cees, dj's, b-boys, or poppers

    Mine are starting with em'cees... of course Tech N9ne, D-nice, Krs One, Shock G, Big Daddy kane, ODB, Ice Cube, Leaders of the New School, and Darryl Mac from Run DMC.

    My Favorite dj's are Kool Herc, Mark the 45 king, Terminator X, Jam Master Jay, Bobby D, Julian Jumpin Perez, Too Kool Chris.

    My favorite Hip Hop Group is Leaders of the New School.

    My favorite b-boy crew is the Air Force Crew
    Favorite Popper is Poppin Taco

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    Favorite rappers= Tech N9ne, Krayzie Bone, Chamillionaire, and Mystikal

    Favorite DJ= DJ Jazzy Jeff

    Favorite Group= Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

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    MC's- Tech N9ne, Joe Budden, E-40, lil flip, snook da rokk starr, eminem, ODB lots more thats just a few

    DJ- B lord

    Group- Slaughterhouse, Bangz ave, old Roc a fella

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