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Thread: anybody else see tech on the myspace front page today?

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    anybody else see tech on the myspace front page today?

    him and two other people were in the pic for "paid dues" i've only seen it once but thought it was the shit to see him on there.


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    Yea!!! That was tight as hell!!! Doin it big!! He was w Slug, and B Real.

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    yup i was braggin about it to all my friends lol

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    that's an old-ass picture of tech. that's fuckin awesome though

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    fuck yes! i love dat man. he looked so good. and he was by FAR the best of the 3 dudes up there.

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    yea thats an old ass pic of Slug to

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    Yea thats tight! and that concert is on my birthday March 28 too!

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