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Thread: Sickology LEAK?!?

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    Junior Member HAXX0R's Avatar
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    Feb 2009

    Sickology LEAK?!?

    I got this link from a friend who werkz @ a websiet company n knows im a technician... i think this is the COVER of sickology!!!!! what do you guys think... if so, SPREAD THIS LINK AROUND! has ne1 seen this pic before?

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    holy shit, that's a bad ass pic. it's possible this is part of the cover, everyone i know who went to the shoot said there was a chalkboard there

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    Senior Member L.D.S.'s Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    That's probably not the cover. This is MLK 2, so I suspect the cover will be similar in to it. This is probably an insert pic.

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    Senior Member Mike Howard's Avatar
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    I unno bout the cover but that's a bad asssssss pic. I heard something about the fans being in the cover...

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    how did you exactly get that???

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    thats bad fuckin ass

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    that cover is fuckin hard

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    Senior Member lokster's Avatar
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    FUCKIN SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    yeah i doubt thats the cover... prob an inside pic... pretty fuckin sick tho

    and you prob shouldn't be leakin shit

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    thats a badass pic either way

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