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    Aigght... who else thinks lebowski KILLED IT on killer but needs to quit posting the same stuff over and over and over????
    This is tech's page man so lets talk about TECH!

  2. #2'd be cool if he said sumthin but he jus posts his picture all over the place

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    ya he killed it.
    yea he should stop posting pics. it would b tight if he talked instead of spamed.
    but hey who cares man

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    It's annoying, but I can't blame him. He just tryin to make it big. and the only way is to get people to know his name is to put it out there. He should post more songs though if he wants us buy his shit whenever it does come out.

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    expect to see him post in this topic lol i would do it the way have u heard that Rain Dollaz

    funny and real songs.... yea he should stop them "plugs" u know what im sayin lol jk

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    we all know killer has been released and that it kicked ass and that lebowski is on it... this is tech n9ne's website.
    if anyone on here DOESN'T know about killer they are a lost cause anyway.

    --at LEAST resize the picture dawg-- my scrolling finger hurts on EVERY post

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