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Thread: In Your Opinion...Why Hasn't Tech N9ne Blown Up With Mainstream Success?

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    In Your Opinion...Why Hasn't Tech N9ne Blown Up With Mainstream Success?

    Look, Everyone has their own opinion on why, and I am really interested from hearin from mega fans just like me on why YOU think he hasn't blown the fuck up already.....If lil wayne can win that many fucking grammy's then techs time is right around the corner!....yo go to and comment on my tech blog because i got alot of shit from people on the net and my boss (m.c. serch) whom admitted that tech was talented as fuck but didnt have the fan base to draw in traffic to the site, now tech is and has been one of my favorite rappers (1.Royce Da 5'9" 2. Eminem 3. Tech N9ne... no particular order) I am just waiting for his time to come

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    I don't think Tech ever blew up in mainstream before cause the "industry is punks" and thought his music was too dark and heavy for mainstream. As of right now, i think Tech is starting to get some mainstream attention and that's a god thing. Tech deserves to be heard by all. He's worked for it. World wide.

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    i agree with tom. but from what i've gathered, it costs money to be in "mainstream" music. and i feel tech in saying like, fuck that, i ain't paying for people to buy my shit, my fans love me...ive made it this far without paying for it, why start now?

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    Personally i think there is a couple of reasons why tech hasnt reached mainstream yet.1 it seems that he doesnt want to be held down by signing to a major lable.And by held down I mean that he doesnt want to be limited musically when it comes to what kind of material that he puts out.We all know that major lables are notorious for making thier artists conform to commercialized ideas
    that they(the c.e.o's) think is marketable.I think tech has tried that himself ( i.e.)kabosh.Tech said in an interview that he did a rock song with kmk and the response was huge on a certain radio station,but at the end of the day it seems like tech knows that he emulates hiphop in its truest form and that kabosh venture seems to be big reach even for tech.Thats prolly y we havent heard much about it since.Thats why i think tech will not sign to a major lable without some kind of clause in the contract that does not limit him.Oh wait he's with strange so u know what that means "just like persey miller no limits then".

    2nd reason i think would be due to the fact on just how much the hiphop entertainment biz has evolved.
    Back in the day d,j's would hear a song they liked ,cop the track and give it radio burns.
    But nowa days ppl found out that hiphop is extremely marketable.As a matter of fact hiphop is so popular
    that it is todays pop music.Shit, they never even used to televise the hiphop portion of the grammys.
    But just this week look what happened lil wayne took album of the year.So now its considered a gold mine to any1 with enough $.
    To any1 who owns a radio station or a production company.So what happens now ???They exploit the fuck out of the culture!
    charging for damn near anything with a catchy beat and a couple of rhyming words.So with all this fanbase tech has built up over the years hes gotta save up just to get one song on the radio.As long as its the right one its only a matter of time b4 we see him
    explode.One song that could have been huge and wouldve been absolutley devoured by the radio audience would of been
    "ONE GOOD TIME" The track LIKE YEAH was good but that song is for more of the hiphop crowd who appreciates wordplay and all that good shit. The same thing goes for tech's selection of singles when ABSOLUTE POWER was dropped.IMMA TELL
    was great but SLACKER would've been my prime choice for the radio.Same exact thing when anghellic dropped WHO YOU CAME TO SEE was tailor made for the radio but wasnt chosen. So as long as the money is there and the right singles are dropped we will see the mainstream go strange.U asked for my opinion and there it is! U FUKKERZ BETTER READ THIS MY FINGERS HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I dont have much to say after dukecity he said it all. Tech even said an a interview that he doesn't want to pay a radio station to play his shit, if you like it play it, he said. They played I AM EVERYTHING on the local station here in tucson only once that i know of but thats a start.

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    tech is a fuckin god man hahahaha, he says everythin so real

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    i think he has blown up just not into the mainstream, and i think he will soon its taking longer because he is building his own dynasty independantly. you know when he looks back on his success everything he has become will be because he toured and promoted his own music underground, and he hasnt sold out like those no talent hacks lil wayne and the others as i like to call 102.9 'rappers' or ' hiphop artists' who pays radio stations and other shit to promote and do their work for them. tech n9ne puts so much energy into everything he does, and all of his fans love him even if he never goes mainstream hes the best rapper out there.

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    Tech Don't need the mainstream like he says FTI All he needs is to have his fans to go to the shows and buy hes music Technicians Stand Up

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