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Thread: how many people really wanna hear a tech n9ne brotha lynch hung callaboration album?

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    how many people really wanna hear a tech n9ne brotha lynch hung callaboration album?

    ive seen some very interesting ideas on some potential callabos for tech including lil wayne which by the way would never happen cuz wayne is a fuckin whack ass peice of work, but as far as a collabo album is concerned, i think nothing could top tech and lynch doin a album together. lynch's ripgut with tech's lyrical flows would be undeniable. anyone agree?

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    I couldn't agree with you more! Both sick as fuck! And i'm glad were both on the same level about this wayne charater. Straight wack.

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    i agree with you. tech does too. he wants brotha lynch to be on the "New NNUTTHOWZE" IF that project were to happen. He is tech's first choice


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    I bet tech would work with lil wayne, in the psychumentary he says he would go on stage and would work with weezy.

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