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Thread: Best Tech song to bump in the car?

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    Best Tech song to bump in the car?

    i wanna make a cd to listen to in the car and would like some suggestions to which songs should be on there

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    Sex ot south from the MLK album for sure!! Great song!!

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    what we are- Potluck and Tech
    Bury Them All - Tech and Twiztid
    Kill Em Off- Yukmouth and Tech
    Be Warned
    Soldiers at War
    Snap- Graveplott & Tech
    Here Comes Tecca Nina
    No Can Do
    It's What You Thinkin
    My World
    That Owl
    Whip It***
    Like Yeah
    Everybody Move
    Get The Fuck Outta Here
    Shit Is Real
    Midwest Choppers
    That Box
    Gangsta Shap***
    Sex Out South***
    Fan Or Foe***
    In Da Whip***
    Miss Gottalottavit
    Now It's On***
    Snake Ya***

    I just went through all the tech shit i have and pulled off songs that I bump. some of it's from some of his older stuff, the strictly strange cd and just some other mixes and such. this can at least get you started...
    The *** is a lot of bass.

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    Thanks homie!
    really appreciate this... some of these songs i've never even heard!!!
    can you send me some of these songs as mp3???

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    This Ring
    Paint a Dark Picture
    Cant Shake It
    That Box
    Now Its On

    Those are a few that bump real hard in da system

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    get the fuck outta here.........smashes like crazy

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    In my head

    if you got a nice system then it will blow you away

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    rally just about all of MLK hits

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    Caribou Lou, Shit Is Real, Little Pills, Industry is Punks, Killer! Geesh, just get a MP3 player and put the strange library in it, play it on random!

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