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Thread: Strange music

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    Strange music

    prolly a dumb ? But I've been to a grip of shows been listenin tech since I was 14 I'm 20 now but all the shows how come it took so long for skatterman n snuggbrim to get on tour.. They ripped the stage up during the strictly strange tour!!

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    cases and in trouble and bullshit probley..they couldnt leave outta the city on one tour..due to probation. i heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by technition # 509
    they could'nt leave missouri for a while cause of probation.

    anybody know what they did?

    it was mentioned in everready during a skit but they censored it.
    I think skatter told my boy 3 years when we were talking to him. we didn't ask why... 3 years prob. is probably a touchy subject. haha

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