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Thread: Tech N9ne and your parents...

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    Tech N9ne and your parents...

    Ok, GENOCIDE thnx for the reminder on this one. How many of you technicians have a parent who is in to TECH? My mom heard Caribou Lou and has been gone off Tech ever since. It's hilarious to me because she is an off-beat middle-aged white women and she tries like hell to learn his songs. It's almost embarrassing when she tries to fit in around my friends (especially the balck ones, it's like she has to prove she's cool) and she tries to sing Caribou Lou, she's bobbin' side to side tryin' her hardest to keep the beat. I wanna know that this is not just GENOCIDE and myself experiencing this... I had no idea I'd be a second generation Technician.

    Oh yeah, when I went the Strictly Strange tour in the D, she literally got pissed at my friends and me for not takin' her. HILARIOUS.

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    haha i kno how you feel.
    when i bought cloud nine , kmk cd
    i blasted city 2 city.
    shes like who sings 1st?

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    Okay my mother likes Tech. I think it is the funniest thing ever because my mother is 65 years old and yes she is a middle white woman! I was bumping some sounds in my car one day when she was having a cook out and she comes over and is asking me who I'm listening to, I tell her I am listening to the one and only Tech N9ne and she is here telling me to turn it up!!! MY MOTHER!!!! My mom is the kinda person that was always telling me to turn it down that it was too loud!! Since then I always have to let my mother listen to Tech when ever I come over. She even bought Everedy when it came out. Nothing in the world is funnier than watching my 65 year old mom, with her white hair, cane, and strange fashion sense rock out to Tech N9ne. I love ya momma

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    LOL, I was driving to New Jersey with my mom and was palying Everready, when Caribou Lou came on, she started singin' along with it and made me repeat it like like 5 times before I told her NO!

    I was like, damn mom, i love the song too, but I aint gonna listed the whole 4 hour drive!

    Also, when I went to Strange Noize 2 last yr, I met this couple, the guy, his 7 or 8 mth pregnant girl, and his mom. She's a big tech and KMK fan. I guess they exist!


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    my moms into tech. she thinks some of his shit is nasty haha but shes into his personal shit.

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    My Momma loves Tech! We had a birthday party for Tech last November and she was drunk on Tequila sayin "Where's Tech, that fucker! We are throwin a party for him, and having cake, and he's not even here! That fucker!" It was FUNNY! She was saying it jokingly, but it was great! My mom has always been a huge fan of rap, since I was in Jr. High. She's tight! MY MOMMYS BOYFRIENDS TECH N9NE~ haha jk. He's my BOYFRIEND!!! HAHAHAHA


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    MoM, likes....PSYCHO BITCH, but my mother is cool....I can't contemplate her bein' an old fogie! But I do my dirt all by my lonely. What's embarrasing to me is when she got that radio shit on....back b-4 ja fake ass rule, I don't hate T.I, but the one he got out now, w/ is irritating. If I go somewhere w/ her I feel like ducking.

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    my mom likes him and he kissed her on the cheek

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    My mom likes Psycho bitch and This Ring the best, and even went with me to the strictly strange concert, and she says she wants to go again lol.

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    At least I know I'm not alone in this whole my momma likes Tech N9ine thing. I still think my mamma looks funny as hell though when she tries to sing it.

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