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Thread: Does Any one have a clue

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    Does Any one have a clue

    as you can see by my pic i have a lil Tech fan..Now Im curious, Does any one have any kind of clue when Tech and Prozaks new dvds will be coming out, as my 5 year old son will be appearing on both... footage of him was taken at last show that we attended (oct. 10 2008) also does any one have a website or an idea where i can buy merchandise my Mini Tech (as named by Tech) wants a baseball and football jersey(one to sleep in and one to get signed when we go to shows) but when the shows come we usually only have like less than 20 dollars to spend so we are tryin to find another way please help us if you can cuz that would make his day( hell that would make his year) much love to all

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    Thank you much my son wont care he'll rock it no matter what size it ill try the other person you said as well
    thanks and much love

    Quote Originally Posted by DA BRAiDER
    the smallest jersey size is an XL i dont kno if they would fit him..but at the top of this page you can click on "store"

    you can also check with zach

    he has custom made some strange gear for his little one..u can see if he'd be willin to make n sell you somethin in his size.

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