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Thread: Go Hard (Remix) feat. DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, T-Pain & Kanye West versus Go Hard (Strange Remix)

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    Go Hard (Remix) feat. DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, T-Pain & Kanye West versus Go Hard (Strange Remix)

    Go Hard (Remix) feat. DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, T-Pain, & Kanye - one of my favorite songs for the passed month. I'll try to upload the file ~

    Go Hard by Skatterman & Snug Brim (feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko) - at first it looks like a good match. The 3 biggies of the mainstream (don't listen to much of it myself, so correct me if I'm way off) versus the core of Strange...and well...after a few listens...
    Almost makes me wana boycott other music waitin' for the next Strange album to drop and just take some time to absorb all this magical strange shit.

    In conclusion download the song Go Hard (remix) by all those mainstreamers and be like, oh, not too shabby...then download the SS version and proceed directly to deletion of that first version and then go pick up your copy of the new SS album and a nice pair of headphones and light it up.

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    Oh and I want to post the songs for you to hear, but I do actually support buying some music...strange music.

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    So, where do you find these songs?

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    Oh wait, it's on word on the streets?

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    ya but this guys talking about the "remix"

    Quote Originally Posted by Piggofdoom
    Oh wait, it's on word on the streets?

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    I normally use a combination of itunes, limewire, and torrent sites to get my music, has been that way for a decade, but I do actually support Tech N9ne & co. in going out and purchasing their music - just one real mof*cker to another, its respect.
    With that said I'm going to go out on a limb and post the two songs I'm talking about, because w/o them the entire post is worthless --and I'm quickly learning that. Guess I just assumed everyone was like me, with their own avenue's for music consumption.

    (But) You gotta promise to go purchase the new SS cd and help support.

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    Looks like it opens with Quicktime, but its the first time I've ever uploaded anything on these forums --didn't really know how it'd work. Anyways, listen and reply your feelings, just interested in what people are thinking about who you actually believe "GO'S HARD"

    (Kind of Night & Day if you ask me)
    (Not even in the same league anymore folks)

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    And by new cd --I mean the 08 cd
    folks up north are a little behind, we catchin' up tho ~

    Hard to stay with it being all smoked up here, all the time ~ go hard.

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    Oh, I thought you meant it was like the same beat man, that's why I was confused.

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    Word, I thought this track was the shit when it dropped. I even wrote a couple verses to it, I'll post a track in a couple days...kanye def spit some fire on this. Plus Pain came on it the way I like him to...doin his shit thats quick as fuck. I like it

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