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Thread: where do you think its going

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    where do you think its going

    as rap and hip hop slowly deterierates, it makes me wonder where tha "industry" is headed, with lyrics so similar in content and simplisity...but i also take into acount the growing popularity in underground artists as opposed to any of you think lyrasism is gonna come back, or real story telling for that matter

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    well i dont think it will come come back in tha mainstream unless some underground artist go mainstream an keep there music the same

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    yeah i found out makin deeps songs touched few ppl while makin even the simplest song made alooooot of ppl be lke oh that tight lol even tho i just make music i wanna make simple or not! check out my songs sometimes.

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    Everything is only going to get bigger, more personalized big mix for one big WAR.

    Just remember where your roots lie and when the going gets rough
    --stick with the real muthaf*ckaz, your friends;
    here on the strange side ~

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    i think that as underground gets more popular, tha aspirering "rap" artists will have beter influences than wat ever it is you see in music videos...if you here shit like tech n pychopathic n craig mack n watever, i would asume that you would aspire to be AS good if not beter...but mabi people dont understand wat makes a great lyricist, like i pointed out in a couple other discussions, or mabi they wont b original and jus do tha same thing their influences are doin n sayin

    any more opinions?

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    personally i disagree with you as far as hiphop deteriorating when it comes to lyricism
    the level of rhyming nowadays supersedes artists from the past and is just a lot more complex (i.e. tech n9ne,eminem,canibus,
    kanye when he doesnt use that vocoder shit,lil wayne when he is sober(havent seen that inna while),crooked i ,immortal technique,
    royce 5,9,andre 3000,joel ortiz,papoose,cassidy,busta rhymes, to name a few.Not to mention the amount of material that is available to us as fans and consumers,for example mixtapes and digital downloads.10 or 15 yrs ago the amount of material was nowhere near what we have today.But what has changed in hiphop is the politics of the entire culture.Now with every1 and thier momma trying to get thier foot in the door and make a hit song the owners of all the big production companies,record labels and radio stations get more of a variety to choose from when they want to decide what they want to market.When these fat rich owners hear a sound that the public responds to they exploit the fuck out of that one sound till it gets old then move on to the next.Thats why we have all this shit on the radio. Tupac said it best
    "and the media is greedia than most/
    you can sell em ya soul and theyll be on you till a niggaz ghost/
    Good material is out there and a lot of it but chances are you will not hear it on the radio due to the exploitation of the culture.
    As soon as they found out that hiphop was marketable and profitable they made a big walmart out of it so to speak.
    Leaving all the other small businesses to fend for themselves.Thats why it is so important for hiphop and entertainment in general for tech to attain that commercial status from a small indie label.This would open the doors for so many other artists and could possibly spark an entire new movement within the rap game.Just imagine an indie label with enough juice to get thier own material on the radio without these greedy snakes sticking thier nose and awful insight in the mix.This would be huge and tech seems to be on the right path.Persey miller (aka master p)accomplished this in the 90's but just didnt have the right line up of talent and musical insight to take it to the next level.Strange on the otherhand does, and could be the new giant in the industry who doesnt have to bow down to caesar. Just imagine that shit!!!!!!

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    Duke says it the best. I think it will take a whole generation to change the media of today. There are a lot of stupid people in the world who live their lives indoors and listen to catchy hip hop songs cuz they think that's whats cool. I see underground rap being on the radio in probably 10 or so years. IDK?

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    the best would be if underground aritst would get a lil play on TV and radio but dont get too mainstream beacause the mainstream business changes their images so fast

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    i agree with Dukecityspecialist....if tech is able to take over the "Mainstream" it will change the whole game & mind sets of the corporations & would actually be good for the developement of younger people who want to grow up and be a rapper.

    "Uh, who shot biggie smalls?
    If we dont get them, they gonna get us all
    Im down for runnin up on them crackers in they city hall
    We ride for yall, all my dogs stay real
    Nigga dont think these record deals gonna feed your seeds
    And pay your bills because they not
    Mcs get a little bit of love and think they hot
    Talkin bout how much money they got, all yall records sound the same
    I sick of that fake thug, r & b, rap scenario all day on the radio
    Same scenes in the video, monotonous material, yall dont here me though
    These record labels slang our tapes like dope
    You can be next in line, and signed, and still be writing rhymes and broke
    You would rather have a lexus, some justice, a dream or some substance?
    A beamer, a necklace or freedom?
    Still a nigga like me dont playa hate, I just stay awake
    This real hip hop, and it dont stop until we get the po-po off the block
    They call it...."

    Hip Hop by Dead Prez

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