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    I'm selling a practically new Tech N9ne jersey. I think I've worn it maybe twice. There's nothing at all wrong with this jersey. I take very good care of my Strange gear. I just never wear this jersey. Red/White aren't really my colors. Just got excited and bought it along with a black one. I wear the black one all the time. I'm asking $55. $50 for the jersey/$5 for shipping. Shit, I'll even throw in a copy of my new album Pernicious! That's less than half of what it costs on the website. Anyway, just figured I'd post it here before I stuck it on ebay. The only difference this one has than the pic on is that on the collar of has snake and bat. Also, there is snake and bat on both arms....the one on his website has TECH N9ne on one of the sleeves I believe. Might be willing to make a trade if you got something of value. Let me know.

    Also....I have a new Kutt Calhoun shirt that came with my pre-order. Throw in an extra 10 bucks and that is yours as well. It's white with red letters. It's also XL

    Price: $55

    Size: XL

    Condition: Practically new

    if you have questions, e-mail me at

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    lol I'm just waitin for a "But Wait! Theres More!"

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    Just dropped you an e-mail about your SALE...let me know what you think

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigShot024
    lol I'm just waitin for a "But Wait! Theres More!"
    what do you mean...there's more? lol

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