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Thread: I need your opinion on album title.

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    I need your opinion on album title.

    Ok, so I've been working on my newest album for about a year now. From the beginning, I was going to call it Rehabilitation, and it was going to cover all the fucked up shit, including drug addiction, death of a good friend, broken relationships, etc, that happened to me over the past couple years. But after recently finding out that this year Dre is dropping Detox, Eminem is dropping Relapse, and who knows what other drug related titles are going to be released, I'm having second thoughts about the title. Now, if this were to be just some unrecognized underground album that no one's heard of, it wouldn't matter much. But this record is actually going to be in stores across the country, and hopefully it will get the publicity we are anxiously waiting for. With that being said, what are your opinions? Do you think that I should change it because of how cliche and similar it is to other big albums being dropped this year, or should I leave it how it is and not worry about it. Thank you in advance for your input.

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    hmm, it's ur call man personally i'd change it coz ppl will be like oh he's trying to emulate dre's n eminem's album.......... but if u think its gd enough than stick with it.... ur music dont let anyone change ur views or stick to what u knw best......

    try names like: Trials 'n' Tribulations etc etc

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    "a fallen angels testament" there you go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Dollaz
    "a fallen angels testament" there you go!

    Or 'War stories of the fallen'

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    thats a good title it all depends on what u think. personally i would change it
    but thats just me it does sound a lot like em and dre's titles.i would pick a word like
    l.i.f.e or r.e.a.l(just an example) and make an acronym out of it.something that best describes the content of the album
    in its entirety.and lemme know when the album drops and how to get it im down to support
    the cause

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