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    I've been a big follower of Tech's for almost 10 years now, and I have noticed,(I'm sure you all have also noticed), that Tech N9ne has the best fans. We are all loyal to his work, and as gay as it sounds, there is an un-spoken bond between Tech fans. I love that. I've got Strange music all over my car, tech, kutt, krizz, prozak, and I doubt most people know who they are. BUT, I'll bet that the few people that know who they are, are like, "FUCK YEAH, THAT'S THE SHIT". I rock my barcode cross tattoo, and people don't get it... That's ok, ya know why???? Because ALL of you get it. If it weren't for us, Tech might have retired already... THANKS FOR SUPPORTING YOUR ARTISTS!!!! TECH N9NE!!!

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    Gotta give props to this guy he is so right on. Tech is the fucking shit he stands above all other rappers! You know why this underground rapper has become such a rising star amongst the mainstream music?? It is because of loyal fans like you, me, and everbody else on this page. I do belive if it weren't for the fans and our love for Tech he probably whould have retired and dissapeared. But now with his fan base this man could retire at any time and us fans will go on beggin him for more. Tech will live forever!!!

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    i seen him tonight!!! im braggin lol let me quit! but so that im not spammin go look at my topic about it! "SICKOLOGY PHOTO SHOOT"

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    i need a barcode cross!

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    Gotta agree wit ya, Tech N9ne all day!!

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    i aint gina lie tech is the hardest rapper out there. i got full on crip too.. but i wear red only for the reason to rep tech n9ne gear and show the love to his music

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    all day.....

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