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Thread: Strange Music in LENEXA, KANSAS?!

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    Strange Music in LENEXA, KANSAS?!

    Coming from a citizen of Lenexa, KS, i have to say, it's so fucking DOPE that the strange crew is recording their magic just a few blocks from where i stay. I drive by the new studio everyday on my way to school. Hopin to see some of these cats around town. Lenexa is more than pleased to have you here. Tech, if your lookin to blow a blunt or something, hit your boy up!


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    I don't care about the move. But Travis, Tech's manager is pretty angry about it. I don't know what the big deal is though.

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    theres a studio in lenexa? thats right down the road from me well waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road but you know lol whats it called so i can see they rates and stuff! thanks

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    o shit that is fukin sick it wuld be better tho if it was in the top town topeka kansas he needs to cum bak an perform here the last time he did he was with trick daddy too short an the outlaws

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    I liked the old location better

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    the video about it which is on the same page as BABY JOSH posted

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