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Thread: Tech N9ne show prices?

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    Tech N9ne show prices?

    How much does it run usually 2 get good seats @ a N9ne concert....oh n front row prices too plz?

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    Based on all the concerts I've been to, the best seats are the ones you get by fightin to the front of the mosh pit. As for the tickets, they usually run about 30 or so dollars.

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    You don't have "rows" at his concerts... you don't sit. Or at least not at any of them i went to.

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    lol seats? you better not be tryin to relax while techs on stage.

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    no seats here, and it was 30 bucks

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    seats at the one i went to but you could go up front where there was no seats it was outside too and i met him vip b4 the show mine that time cost $150 BUT a later show that i couldnt go to cost $100 to meet him vip

    and trust me you wanna go vip cause you get free cds poster a shirt from the tour and dvds and more plus you meet them for an hour and can get everything signed so at the end i know you're probley sayin wow $100-150 it worth it?! ask anyone who been vip!!! hell yeah!!

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    It is usually General Admission at all Tech shows...meaning first come first serve. So if you want a good spot or "seat" you will have to get to the venue very early and wait in line with all the other Technicians! And the price is usually $25-30.

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