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Thread: Relapse- Eminem

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    Relapse- Eminem

    Well The Album Is Gonna Drop This Year. What Do Expect To Hear? If You Havent Heard It Yet Check Out His Latest "Crack A Bottle @

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    cant fucken wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dre's detox is suppose to drop soon also

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    Crack A Bottle is very dissapointing. I hope to God there are way better songs than that...if not, this will be even worse than Encore. The game needs a savior. Eminem could be that savior if he got off the snappy pop shit like everybody else is doing.

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    lol, I rang a bomb threat to Shady's concert from a payphone in Sydney, I told J and Shaggs when i met them, J was like "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE WE CREATED" and shaggs said it was like giving ICP a christmas present! lol

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    lol even if thats not true thats funny as hell. but for real I don't like it. I hope this isn't what hes plannin on comin back wit.

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    Everybody is intilted to ther own opinion even if it is a bad one like the song by the way who ever said shady is whack your whack enimen is one of the most creative rappers out DONT SLEEP ON EM

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    yeah... that aint the Em i love, hopefully he's got some diff shit on there than that

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    Nah that's jst a peice - I'mma be laughin when that shit dropz sic n everyone cops it too.

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    same here but i'mma give him a shot - always

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler
    yeah... that aint the Em i love,

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