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Thread: Tech changes lives, but how?

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    Tech changes lives, but how?

    every one says "omfg tech is the shitt hes changed my life". if tech has change your life, in any way, post it here.

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    Omg! Before Tech N9ne, I didn't know what of music to listen to, because I had never been given the chance to find myown. I heard "Slacker" as my first Tech song, and immediatly fell in love! After that, I went out and bough ever tech n9ne album I could find, and started my Strange Music collection. Now, Tech goes everywhere with me on c.d.'s and my ipod, and keeps my sanity alive in this crazy screwed up world

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    His songs on AngHellic helped me through a depression period in my life, and i relate to his stuff on a personal level, cant ask for more than that!

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    Shit, he basically became my right ear cause i always got one headphone on lol. nah but for real i listen to other artists but hes gotta be my favorite rapper of all time. he basically changed my life cause i never had a passion for music until i started listening to him, then was a little more open minded when it came to music and now i listen to all kinds of shit.

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