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Thread: Dissin?

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    Why do people diss on one another? I have my answers...where's your's? also Why does people hate on specific Rap Artist?

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    there is only 1 reasonable explanation for why little jealous fools diss on eacother, i think playa hataz that diss, are just mad bcuz their shit's so whack that no one even hears the shit, so it must them angry, shit if nobody listened to the shit i be spitten than they're really screwing themselves for not peepin game and gaining some knowledge, shit my flow can put people through college, but anyways if you hatin on someone's juice than you are just another whack bitch, and there are many others just like you! and if any one just so happens to be a hater than fuck them!
    i will eat a whole crew in 1 bite, i will do that ass dirty aint no rules in a fight, in this fucked up world you best protect ya life, like a lock on a bike, or else those devilish bastards gone do what they like, like crush ya light bulb and shut off ya light, so stay up playa and keep on shining bright! real life on the track, my heart and soul goes in2 that shit, but even if people diss me i just laugh my fuckin ass off cuz first of all you diss on me, and you diss yoself, cuz i make more goodies than the keebler elf, o h wait when i spit i make people hear it i don't be offering a choice on shit!, and the people feel my shit cuz it's real, aint nothin hype about it, either you relate or you don't! it's as simple as that, but real playas that have been through alot of shit in their lifetimes already know better than to hate, there is just way to many other productive things you could be doing like getting your life on and making a name for yourself, but if hataz just wanna stand around talking a bunch of shit than that's fine wit me, cuz while they be stuck on some stupid ignorant ass bullshit, i'm a be fuckin they hoe's, wearin fresh clothes, stealin they shows, and every real playa knows this!, get your stack on to everybody out there get ya mother fuckin stack on! cuz hatin a bitch sickness and if you hate me than you hate yourself,

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