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Thread: ok here is the major question

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    ok here is the major question

    if you guys think like me you would love to see tech put it down with just 3 people
    1.jaime madrox
    2.blaze ya dead homie
    3.anybody killa
    that shit would be a party song right there
    what do you guys think??

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    That track would definitely go hard in the face paint.

    I think that I would cry a little just from the being so happy about that track being put together.

    Swanee and Villin arent feelin' it but I know that shit would be a banger.

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    1.The R.O.C. this dude was on bodies fall and he used to be part of HOK a group wit twiztid. hes sik as fuck him and tech would be like jesus and satan doing a song together HOLY SHIT

    2. It woulda been sik to hear tech wit B.I.G.


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