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Thread: Fastest speed rappers list

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    Fastest speed rappers list

    Tell me in wot order u reckon (Top 5), Tecca has to be in there somewhere

    Other than "No clue" who holds da world record, I would say Bizzy is closest the fastest I've heard, but outta all the speed rappers, Tecca's the most creative and varied fo sure!

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    i think the fastest is twista but techs the best
    wikid clownz 4 life
    whoop! whoop!
    krazy kidd
    (i rap in the underground)

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    Krayzie Bone raps faster than Bizzy Bone. Check out the Biggie track with Krayzie and Twista to see what I'm talkin about. I actually had to rewind that track a couple times. Also check out the remix of Thug Luv with a different beat and a Tech verse on it.

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    You can say Tech and shit, but theres a rapper who is proven to be the fastest.
    He comes from where I'm from, Seattle.
    His shit is ill, just forgot the name.

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    lol^^ must not have been that ill. I like the white dude off Potluck, Dirtball(SubNoize), Twistas the shit, Tech N9ne is bad ass I just love how his mind works. His range is just sick. He can be hard as fuck, choppy as hell, he comes with the melodies, or at times he does all three. And he just brings you in, shares his pain, then he gets the party goin. I think thats what sets him apart from just bein a fast rapper.

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