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Thread: Isn't it great?

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    Isn't it great?

    The feeling you get when you introduce someone to Tech's music and they fall in love with it

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    if i had a dollar for every person i introduced tech n9ne to....i wouldnt be a millionare but i would definately have enough to buy techs next album haha

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    yup, i know exactly wot u mean bro, im from Australia, so no-one knows him really, and every rap fan I show over here are blown away!

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    hell ya. i remember my homie who introduced me to tech a couple years ago i was like damn! ever since then i been bumping all the albums and trying to spred the word of tech! midwest represent

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    I took my older bro (22) to the strictly strange tour that just came by and he hated it. I was like WTF. He said its all emo (when he saw some juggalos painted up n shit) and prozak n grave plotts preformance kinda feaked him out. like when LA shot Killa and blood was comin out n shit. He wanted to go, i think he was a little scared. he says he aint ever goin back lol

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    I just told a friend to look him up, I'll let you know how it pans out.

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    My niggas was like...The things people do to sell records (they saw in passing the T9X DvD I had on a few years back) I was irritated, anywho, then when I used to have a myspace, and Tech was myspace song, he was like: I'm not even gonna lie that was a hot song,(was either BreATHE or BE Warned)...THEY SHOULD OF KNOWN BETTER...I DON'T LIKE WACK SHIT!!

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    I showed somebody some Tech...
    And they said...
    Jay Z, Nas, Ludacris, and Kanye West is better...

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