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Thread: 4-bar weapon clash (2000!!! Next is 3000!!!) :)

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    4-bar weapon clash (2000!!! Next is 3000!!!) :)

    I have seen this b4, evryone join in, all it is, is the person above names a weapon (anything) and you have to kill with that weapon in your 4 bars somehow, I'll start weapon: Red BullBetter walk this ice slowly, cause you'll step on a crack,And I'll be waitin underneath with devil wings on my back'Dont be crossin my path or you might wind up dead fool,I'll cave your fuckin head in with a 4-pack of Red Bull,next weapon: IpodEDIT: IMAGINE IF WE COULD GET TECCA TO PICK HIS FAVOURITE BARS FROM THIS THREAD AND SPIT SOME ON A BEAT FOR US< LIKE A TECHNICIAN FAN SONG OR SUMTIN!!

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    poor lil susie ppl callin her a floosy;lil annoyin bitch soundn like boosie/

    or tuetchy but i reall ymust digress; cause everythang was fine when she lifted up that dress/

    that pussy lookin fresh sucked alota dick just ta pay the rent; but when ya dicked her down her back be hella bent/

    but see the dick aint what killed her tho;turn out she was put on to heron and what she didnt know was a aids needle

    next weapon: dog tags

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    ill take the fucking dog tags and strangle your ass

    chain around your neck bitch as u fucking gasp

    your starting to struggle your losing air fast

    to bad for u bitch ill get the last laugh

    next weapon: anthrax

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    Oh shit, the next weapon is anthrax! Its not a coincidence that-that

    Rhymes with paypa$tak$, as a matter of fact its my initial mail to pass to your unwitting ass

    Cause when you rip it open you'll be written in histories past, so dont get this twisted

    Im not one of those sand nappin talibani faggots, oh shit UPS just past, fuck it, im done rappin

    Next weapon: telescope

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    My flow unseen cause I become beast, conjuring up madness without using some beats

    When you look through your mind with this telescope, you mise well start sellin dope

    nothin outweighin scale cause my shits on the other side, no chance to bobble mine

    With my stone cold cobble grind pushing full throttle bypassing heights just nod your eyes

    Next Weapon: Kryptonite

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    mind is goin crazy medicine is what i need; unlike superman kryptonite be my remedy/

    bipolar like krizz kaliko ill show u how a manic be; strange is what they callin me/

    but when crack up in the club all the hoes flock to see; who is goin home wit P'/

    love it when the girls drop it down just for me; pull the panties to the side while she suckin on my meat/

    next weapon: gucci bandana

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    My rapping becoming flourished like I just grabbed the grand kings sword pullin forward

    Out the sheath being me mind reportin to others who aint heard I been workin

    Never be like Souja Boy and perform a song called Gucci Bandanna

    He sounds just short of Hanna Montanna But I want to expand my skill to different plans and plots

    Next Weapon: RipTide

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    Skitz puttin niggas in a bag w/ a ziptie

    then throwin em in oceans watch em drift from the riptide

    ride off the scene in a coupe w/ sum spliff eyes

    then come back the next day to have ur bitch give u a kiss bye

    next weapon:killswitch

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    shock and awe me and pocket raw with the realness

    im dropping jaws youre awful soft of course you cant feel this

    carrier pidgeon carrying bird flu dropping ill shit

    youve been gay im enraged ill engage with a killswitch

    next weapon: pocket change

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    these niggas broke as hell. nuthin but pocket change.

    but u can catch me @ the lot droppin stacks n coppin thangs.

    that new mercedes black, mj's hot like rocket flames.

    the ice knock out ur lights. stallone... rocky chain...

    next weapon: mary jane...

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