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    That one...

    What's that one (list as many as you'd like) Tech line or verse that you jst had to learn till perfect.

    Everybody wanna be killer but not for reala.........Crybaby

    Am I too versatile cursed to drown in........Industry is Punks

    whole song - Be Warned

    Still clowning
    Jealousy be frowning
    Keep in the street pounding
    Haters get beat down and
    Keep houndin
    Looking for new sounds
    That nina done put down
    Well hey baby you found em
    We "Victors"
    Invested in big Wars
    We coming to get yours
    We hit till it get sore
    We spit
    Never simple schematical
    Vivid liquid compatible
    Shrooms X's and Aderals

    I would have to say that's prob my fav Tech line ever.

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    "So many dimensions in my encephal, these levels of diss and devil,
    Ain't been alright since the ghetto, better wait 'till my temper settle,
    cause my mind is a madhouse, the n9ne finna spazz out, playa hataz don't throw stones if you grind in a glass house,
    sometimes when I lash out I pass out.
    How sick insane in vain can this be?
    Wanna fly your little head like a frisbee,
    66 triple 8 46 99 Thrisnee,
    This strange and psychopathic homie, this is not Disney!
    Thus, madhouse continues to pin you, send you psycho bitches to the back of the venue,
    Then you slither when I come hither off up in you,
    Then my homies 2 Dope and J do you up something REAL GINSU!
    Levels of madness, ecstasy, shrooms, and acid.
    Beast released, but you can't find me in lake placid.
    Finally in Missouri dizzily struttin with a bad bitch, her last kiss, disastrous, ICP on some MAD SHIT!"

    Tech on Madhouse, tearing J and shaggs to shit lyrically! haha.


    "Lord forgive me outta the commandments I've broken 10 outta 10 now,
    blasphemy, pastor me, because now satan's my pen-pal,
    part of me is Asmodeus, the other side is an evangelist,
    God gave me melodies, but I'm sick psycho and scandalous."

    From Ill Bill's "Only time will Tell"

    Straight FIRE!

    (oh, and if the lyrics aren't exact, that's cause I was just typing them from what I remember. haha. Peace!)

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    Evrerybody know that we are naughty, naughty, naughty, boy, boy, boy, when Im in Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi - Everybody move (it still gives me goosebumps!

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    all of breathe

    parts of the grinch

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    all of this ring.

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