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Thread: New or old tech?

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    New or old tech?

    which tech do think did better? old tech or new tech? regardless tech is the best alive i mean i love his old shit because of all the stories and pain he described in his songs. but they new tech has a totally different vibe to it. alot of partying shit its just all amazing. what do yal think?

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    I tend to like his older shit more. More gritty, I like it.

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    co sign

    Quote Originally Posted by DA BRAiDER
    still the same tech. still has pain. shit is still real. his life is changing so his stories are gonna change. not to mention music itself has evolved from 80's to the 90's til now. the beats are not gonna sound the same as they did 9 10 years ago. but i think he jus keeps gettin better

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    New tech vibe with old Tech content! fo sure!

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    I would have to go with Techs old shit most definitly

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    I like Bothtech

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    as an artist, i think that wile rap evolves,the beats are getin more energetic (with the coming of crunk n hyphy)...and as that progresses, those type of beats speak 2 all the real lyracists...when writing, the beat tells most of the story...n tech lyks the wild shit (like he sed in this interview i was chekin) naturaly he'll come up with more club type things, instead of things lyk demonds n terror n all that...the use of dark beats is slowly going extinct, n with that, the content gos with it...but im a biger fan of the hard/old stuff....but thats just my opinion

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    i like all shit shit.. but his last 2 albums MLK And KIller were fuckin sick as hell he killed everyone wit them..

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    i think that tech will allwas be the best from old tell he dies

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    i cant decide

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